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Our Journey

We are on a journey to change perceptions on web3 gaming, where we teach gamers that the web3 space is not just a hobby, but the next era of gaming that enriches the lives of millions of people around the globe. Our mission is to build a vibrant and inclusive web3 gaming community that empowers gamers to connect, compete, and create in a safe and decentralized environment.  By leveraging opportunities in the web3 space and fostering a community of passionate and talented gamers, we can build a new paradigm of gaming that is more equitable, transparent, and empowering than ever before. We aspire to be a leader in this new era of gaming, setting the standards for excellence, innovation, and social impact. The Wardens are gamers and content creators with a vibrant and diverse community. We are driven by a passion for gaming, community and innovative blockchain technology.

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