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Champions Ascension

The World of Massina 

Champions Ascension is an intense, high-stakes combat experience within an ever-expanding open world called Massina. Created by an award-winning team of industry veterans - Champions Ascension is a growing and transformative web3 universe that redefines entertainment, games, storytelling and real world experiences through revolutionary blockchain and AI technology. Their mission is to create a living, breathing 3D fantasy world: a theme park metaverse that is the go-to destination to play, mint, socialise and create new content for years to come.  

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Gran Saga: Unlimited


Based on the smash-hit Gran Saga IP, Gran Saga: Unlimited is a brand new game in the series, set in a world where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred. 

Gran Saga: Unlimited will combine classic MMORPG gameplay and beautiful visuals with the innovation and openness of web3. 


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Overworld... coming soon


Join OVERWORLD, a free-to-play, cross-platform sandbox RPG focusing on social experiences, collective storytelling, utility-driven collectibles, and deep engaging multiplayer gameplay.


Built by hit-makers from Riot, PUGB, Ubisoft, and more, OVERWORLD is set to revolutionize social gaming. With rich player-to-player interactions driven by digital collectibles such as trading, collecting, and crafting and a combination of novel battling mechanics inspired by legendary JRPGs.

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Castle of Blackwater

Community Game - Among Us meets Web3!

In Castle of Blackwater, there are three types of characters: Protectors, Satanic and Forgotten. Within these character groups, there are 20 different roles, each role having their own unique special abilities that influence their game style, strategy and earning potential. 15 players are matched up in a party to challenge the castle: 10 will be Protectors 3 will be Satanic and 2 will be Forgotten. 

Protectors work together to complete tasks around the castle, gaining XP in order to win. The Satanic are the imposters, conspiring to eliminate other players. The Forgotten have their own individual objectives and are able to win their game separate from the game that Protectors vs Satanic is playing.

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Big Time

An Adventure Through Time And Space


Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG that combines fast-action combat and adventures through time and space. In Big Time, you play as a time traveler who’s been summoned to the end of the universe, to take part in the greatest adventure in human history.

Use SPACE to build your own personal metaverse inside of the Big Time Universe. Customize your home and invite your friends to come hangout online. Big Time uses Procedural Generation to create an engaging and new experience in every battle. Procedural Generation uses algorithms that pull from human-made assets to create unique environments, objectives, and enemies for every Adventure Instance.

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Legends of Elumia

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Legends of Elumia is a next-generation, massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG), leading the way for players to gain full ownership of their in-game assets using revolutionary new mechanics.

In most MMOs, players can't “own” their gear. It is locked up on the developer’s servers and owned by the games' publisher. LOE gives players FULL autonomy over characters, equipment and items by placing them squarely in the players’ ownership.

Legends of Elumia is developed by a team of industry veterans who are themselves avid gamers. It boasts high-quality graphics and fun, engaging, feature rich gameplay. You can expect challenging multiplayer dungeons and thrilling PVP battles.

Your mission: extract … or die trying.

In 2038, an immense asteroid collided with the moon; the first Earthfall event. Following the impact, meteorite rings formed around the moon, bombarding Earth along a global 500-kilometer-wide band. Now pelted repeatedly, the area is permanently evacuated and designated the Sacrifice Zone (The Zone). Too large for any police force to quarantine, The Zone was originally guarded by paramilitary contractors, until fragments of the asteroid were found to be valuable for a strange new element: Compound Sigma. Guards became mercenaries, extracting Sigma and killing anyone who got in their way. National and corporate entities started to militarize. Each Mercenary Extraction Force (MEF), is dedicated to extracting as much wealth as possible from the depopulated, highly dangerous Sacrifice Zone.

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